INTESA has been an Accredited Certification Authority since March 2001.
Intesa manages a dedicated PKI in order to provide a widw set of security services.


Application on Demand
INTESA widened its own offering introducing a set of solutions on demand.
This family of services is aimed to support the companies to interact efficiently with their partners, improving the processes and the collaboration through the network.

B2B Integration
The Intesa services allows the communication process more effective on an "extended firm" level: lower operating and management costs, improved handling of the business processes due to:
simplification/standardization of the application interfaces; lower operating and management cost; improved handling; reduction of lead times; bester quanlity of the information and data exchange.

Focus on the solution

The e-business solution developed in collaboration between INDICOD and INTESA for the producers and distributors of consumer goods.

IN.TE.S.A. S.p.A. - Iniziative Telematiche per Servizi Applicativi
Sede Legale: Corso Orbassano n. 367, (10137) Torino
Cap. Soc.: euro 6.300.000
C.F. Partita I.V.A. / Reg. Imprese TO: 05262890014
Societa’ con unico socio - Societa’ soggetta a direzione e coordinamento di IBM Italia S.p.A.