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2021 Ushers in a Change in Leadership at Intesa (IBM Group), as a New Chairman, CEO, and General Manager Take the Helm

20 May 2021

The new Top Management has a mandate to create a seamless transition for the company’s ambitious strategic plan

Turin, May 12, 2021 – Intesa Spa, an IBM Group company which for over 30 years has supported its customers in digitalising company processes, has just appointed a new board of directors for a three-year term, and announced a major organisational shift to provide a further boost to the company’s growth trajectory. Pietro Lanza has been appointed as Chairman, after having been at the helm of the company for three years as General Manager, with Andrea Agnello as the new Chief Executive Officer and Giuseppe Mariani taking over General Manager duties. They have been passed the torch for Intesa’s ambitious strategic-growth plan, with Intesa having the honour of guiding its customers on their journey in the digital revolution.

Over the past two years, Giuseppe Mariani has been in the role of Chief Operating Officer for Intesa, providing support to Management in developing a strategy aimed at helping customers and partners evolve, by selecting more agile services, solutions, and business models, which in turn might generate value and grow company performance levels. The new General Manager has noted what a privilege it is to take the helm at Intesa, and renewed his commitment to the already successful efforts launched in terms of Italy’s digital development. “Research and development, coupled with ongoing investments in human capital, are the true drivers for innovation and transformation. Now more than ever, talent and human resources are the very centre of economic- and social-value generation”, says Mr Mariani.

Andrea Agnello has taken on the role of CEO for the company, after a long tenure and increasing responsibility within Intesa’s executive ranks. “Digital transition is a must for relaunching Italy’s economy, as well as those businesses who want to adapt their strategies and business models. We are working with our customers, applying all of our skill and agility, to design and create innovative projects. Together, we can conquer any challenge the market throws our way,” notes Mr Agnello.

As leaders of Intesa, Lanza, Agnello, and Mariani plan to solidify Intesa’s position as the go-to digital-transformation partner for Italian and international businesses alike. The plan is to promote co-creation and co-innovation models, develop new solutions, and offer innovative services compatible with exponential technologies including Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and the Internet of Things.

The incoming Top Management will continue the company’s commitment to support Italy’s digital progress, and will further develop the company’s primary mission, building on the many years it has guided and supported its customers, promoting transparent business models, ones attentive to making sustainable use of resources. Intesa has recently renewed its commitment to these principles by launching the B-Corp certification process. Day in and day out, Intesa is working to ensure its efforts are sustainable, and building long-term relationships with stakeholders, based on mutual trust and transparency.

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