International Electronic Invoicing

Our platform simplifies the process of exchanging international invoices (between legal entities, both abroad) and cross-border (from Italy to abroad and vice versa).


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How International Electronic Invoicing Works

We provide a range of features to help you issue, receive, sign, archive, and securely store your electronic invoices in the countries where your company operates.

Intesa’s B2B/B2G international electronic invoicing service can handle:

  • Domestic International Invoicing: Within the same country but different from Italy.
  • Cross-Border Invoicing from Italy to a Foreign Company
  • Cross-Border Invoicing from a Foreign Company to Italy

The activities carried out by Intesa allow the client to outsource the entire process, including:

  • Transmission of invoices from their management systems according to the adopted standard.
  • Verification and control of the presence of all required fields.
  • Actual forwarding and complete tracking of events.
  • Receipt of passive invoices.

Intesa’s international electronic invoicing service also includes constant monitoring of technical rules and regulations in each country. Additionally, there is a monitoring function through a web dashboard where managed invoices and related notifications will be published.

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settori EDI

Benefits of Our International E-Invoicing Service

Regulatory Compliance

We consistently monitor technical rules and regulations related to e-invoicing in various countries. This ensures that your invoices are always in line with legal requirements.

Process Simplification

With our outsourcing service, you can focus on your core business while we manage the entire cycle of e-invoices.

Traceability and Notifications

With our outsourcing service, you can focus on your core business while we manage the entire cycle of e-invoices.

Time and Resource Savings

Avoid the complexity of following the diverse roadmaps of different countries. We take care of everything for you.

Single Point of Interface for International E-Invoicing

Intesa is committed to simplifying the activation of e-invoicing in various countries, following the roadmaps defined by local regulations. We recognize that this process can be complex and burdensome for companies operating internationally, especially considering the differences in requirements and tax obligations between countries, even within the European Union.

Here’s how Intesa addresses this challenge:

1. International E-Invoicing Platform

We have developed a dedicated platform for international e-invoicing with multi-connection capabilities that supports various formats.

2. Smart Business Network

Our goal is to create a smart business network that ensures compliance in e-invoicing and legally compliant storage (LTA). Regardless of the industry and geographic area, we offer a reliable and constantly updated service.

3. Monitoring and Continuous Updates
We continuously monitor technical rules and current regulations in each country. Our web dashboard provides timely notifications and traceability of managed invoices.

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Frequently Asked Questions about International E-Invoicing

1. How do I issue an electronic invoice from Italy to a foreign country?

According to Italian regulations, you still need to go through the SdI (Sistema di Interscambio). However, the methods to reach the foreign customer may vary depending on the country in which the customer operates. After a regulatory assessment, we can adapt to the recipient’s requirements and standardize our client’s invoices.

2. My company has an office in a foreign country. How can I issue an invoice to another company in the same country?

Don’t worry; provide us with the format you use within your management systems, and we will handle it according to local regulations after an assessment. We’ll determine what type of standardization to apply.

3. Does this platform manage regulatory differences between countries to ensure compliance in international invoicing?

Certainly, Intesa can adapt the platform even if regulatory needs or those of your company change.

4. I am a company that needs to reach various partners in different countries. What is the best way to manage invoicing?

Adopt a single format, and Intesa will handle the conversion and management of various formats based on the destination countries.

5. Do I have to connect to different portals for each country?

No, Intesa provides a single portal through which you can check the status of all invoices regardless of the country.

6. Does this invoicing solution integrate with business management systems?

Certainly, this solution seamlessly integrates with your management systems.

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