Supply Chain Management


With Intesa’s solutions, we manage the entire distribution chain. From centralized control tower solutions to track and trace systems, we aim to enhance process efficiency, promoting more efficient logistics.


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What is Supply Chain Management (SCM)?

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the process of managing the flow of goods and services to and from a business, including every step involved in transforming raw materials and components into finished products and delivering them to the end customer.

Effective Supply Chain Management can help optimize a company’s operations, eliminate waste, maximize value for the customer, and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

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Supply Chain optimization: benefits for businesses

Cost Reduction

Streamlined management enables the reduction of production, procurement, and distribution costs.

Operational Efficiency

Improving operational performance is a primary goal, ensuring greater efficiency in business processes.

Process Streamlining

Well-managed SCM leads to significant streamlining of processes, reducing time and resources expended.

Quality Control

Enhances quality control, facilitating more efficient and accurate management.

Supply Chain Control Tower: optimizing management

With the advanced technology of the supply chain control tower, you can orchestrate your entire supply chain by analyzing data from EDI to gain real-time visibility and workflows enhanced by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

By combining this solution with the EDI service, you will achieve immediate and operational visibility of your supply chain. You can structure your supply chain network from start to finish, recognize and assess the impact of external events through real-time insights, allowing you to predict potential disruptions and take timely action following integrated recommendations to mitigate the effects.

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Control Tower features

The control tower is the central hub of performance for smarter supply chains. Specifically designed to address specific functions, including inventory management, supply assurance, and logistics, the control tower tackles everyday problems while maintaining a long-term vision to guide strategic change.

1. True End-to-End Visibility

Eliminate data silos and establish real-time visibility across the entire global supply chain through a standardized data platform. Transform data into actionable insights with customized dashboards providing a 360-degree view of KPIs and significant supply chain events.

2. Manage by Exception

Work queues detect and display similar issues in the supply chain, establishing real-time priorities. This allows for prompt perception and reaction to issues by proactively managing risks and disruptions in the supply chain.

3. Intelligent Workflows

Workflows can be customized to meet unique requirements and necessary process steps for automating actions. A virtual assistant will provide data-based responses for your supply chain.

4. Smarter Integration

Pre-packaged connectors offer sample patterns and connections to leading record systems and supply chain services. This enables real-time collaboration with your supply chain stakeholders and immediate actions to resolve issues.

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Optimization of traceability in the Supply Chain

The supply chain monitoring and tracking system are designed to follow the movement of goods along the entire logistics chain. This solution integrates software, hardware, and processes, enabling companies to track goods from the point of origin to the destination. This approach provides companies with the ability to monitor the real-time movement of goods, allowing them to promptly identify and address any delays or issues.

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Track and Trace Features

From the moment of pickup to the delivery of goods, our system manages, monitors, and certifies the entire document flow in compliance with current regulations. The following features highlight the effectiveness of our approach:

1. Efficiency

Complete elimination of paper support, exclusively adopting certified electronic documents for seamless management.

2. Regulatory Compliance

Full digitization of the process according to rigorous regulatory standards, ensuring full compliance with current norms.

3. Customization

Ability to add additional data fields to monitor and adapt to various types of goods, providing customized solutions.

4. Control

The combination of these features allows precise and efficient control on both the administrative and logistical fronts, improving transparency and responsiveness in supply chain management.

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