Intesa Sign: The Signature for All Needs

Intesa Sign is the signature platform that can be employed in various sectors, such as banking, leasing, insurance, car sales, real estate, and the supply of electricity and gas, to optimize internal processes.


A versatile platform for contract management

Intesa Sign is a Digital Transaction Management (DTM) application designed for managing transactions based on digital documents. The dematerialization of signature processes offered by Intesa Sign is highly adaptable to the needs of companies of various sizes and business sectors.

This platform allows you to choose the type of signature that best suits the specific requirements of each document and process, such as simple, advanced, and qualified electronic signatures. It is accessible both through a browser and on tablet and smartphone devices. Available as a web application and through APIs, it integrates quickly with existing digital processes.

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What our customers think about Intesa Sign

“Intesa stood out for its listening skills, the ability to engage with technical figures, and the speed with which we could integrate the solution.”

Riccardo Morandotti
ICT Manager & CISO Butan Gas

Types and modes of signature

Through the Intesa Sign platform, it is possible to carry out the signature in “Click-to-Sign” mode, allowing signing with a simple click, uploading the document, or capturing it via the camera. It is also possible to use the “Draw-to-Sign” mode, which allows replicating the graphic signature with a pen on a tablet or mobile device, without storing the biometric vector, a characteristic of the graphometric signature.

The platform allows configuring signature processes with different types:

• Simple Electronic Signature (SES)
• Advanced Electronic Signature (AES)
• Qualified Electronic Signature (QES)

These signatures can be associated with an authentication phase via SMS with One Time Password (OTP) or access code. In the case of advanced and qualified signatures, authentication and signature can only be performed after a complete identification of the signatory, which can be carried out entirely remotely through a digital onboarding procedure.”

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Advantages of Intesa Sign


Pre-set signature rules and workflows can be configured, including signatories, roles, signing order, and email messages.


A notification system can be configured, providing access to a dashboard to track the signing status, and exporting reports on timelines and progress.


It also allows the creation of different “organizational units” with customizable templates and emails from both a graphical and signature type perspective.


Intesa Sign’s data centers are located in Italy, ensuring compliance with Italian and European legislation regarding data processing

Features and User Interface

Intesa Sign offers robust security and ease of integration. It can be easily integrated with existing CRM systems and client applications using standards such as SAML 2.0, OpenID, OAuth 2.0, and REST APIs.

1. Document Preparation

Upload one or more documents or use predefined templates for signing.

2. Field Insertion

Add signature points and/or placeholders such as name, surname, and date. Adapts to every signing need.

3. Order and Role Management

Determine who needs to sign and who only needs to view the documents.

4. Interaction among signatories

Signatories can comment within the practice.

Included additional features

The service is delivered from data centers located in Italy, equipped with highly reliable hardware and software infrastructure, ensuring operational continuity for maximum service availability.

Identification with SPID or CIE

For subscription with Qualified Electronic Signature.

User-friendly and customizable UX

It can be seamlessly integrated with the client’s server applications, and the interface is customizable, so it won’t appear as an external application.

PAdES and CAdES signatures

It’s possible to manage every format, choosing the type of signature required according to the needs.

Profile management

Diverse profiles can be created and managed for different business areas and authorizations. Each business area can have its own template.

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Monitoring and analysis

Intesa Sign provides a powerful monitoring and analysis feature, allowing users to search and filter documents based on name, status, date, and last action. Additionally, there is an analysis dashboard that enables the monitoring of various aspects, including:

  • Progress status of processes.
  • Number of documents awaiting signature, already signed, and in draft.
  • Time taken for document signatures.
  • Timelines and the amount of CO2 emissions saved through process dematerialization.
  • Overall and weekly statistics on the number of processed documents
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ButanGas utilizes Intesa Sign for the digitalization of electronic contract signing process

Intesa has developed a solution for ButanGas, allowing new customers to remotely sign contracts for energy distribution. The process involves generating contractual documents directly within the CRM used by ButanGas. Subsequently, these documents are securely transferred to the Intesa Sign platform. Here, the customer adds their electronic signature, which is further confirmed through an OTP code. This automatically initiates an internal approval workflow. Upon completion of this process, the customer receives the signed contract via email.

We are at your service

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