Document Management Solution for Businesses

Intesa’s document management enables centralized management of business information and processes, simplifying operations related to storage, search, management, and sharing of information, embracing the dematerialization of documents and content.


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Streamlining Business through Document Management System (DMS) and Business Process Management (BPM)

The document management software features two native components: the Document Management System (DMS) and Business Process Management (BPM).

The DMS enables efficient management, organization, and storage of documents and business information. This system digitizes the stages of document storage and retrieval, reducing paper usage, and improving information accessibility through a highly intuitive system.

The BPM (Business Process Management) system enables comprehensive digitization to manage activities related to defining, executing, and monitoring workflows, optimizing and integrating business processes.

The system is also designed to digitize processes with the perspective of an “extended” enterprise by involving external actors in the company’s systems who can contribute with information input, sharing, and participation in workflow steps. The document system becomes a fundamental tool for collaboration, allowing the secure involvement of internal and external stakeholders—colleagues, suppliers, customers, agents—who can interact with business processes in a secure and traceable manner.

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settori EDI

Benefits of Document Management

Process Optimization

Efficient management of processes and corporate information assets through the collection, cataloging, and correlation of digitized information, documents, and data.

Complete Integration

The platform serves as the central hub for corporate information, seamlessly integrating with widely-used information systems and business applications.

Universal Operational Efficiency

Adaptability to any type of document, context, and industry, providing effective control of business processes and the management of various activities.

Cross-Industry Versatility

Applicability to different documents, contexts, and industries, offering a flexible and adaptable solution to various business environments.

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Advanced features of the document management solution

Intesa provides an advanced solution to centralize document management, simplify searches, ensure authorized access, and enhance action traceability. The solution is designed to foster the creation of an efficient and secure digital environment, optimizing business processes and promoting advanced document management.

1. Service Delivery Flexibility

Our solution offers the flexibility to be delivered both as a SaaS solution, entrusting Intesa with infrastructure and application management, and On-Premise, allowing the client to install and manage the system independently.

2. Deep Integration with Customers and Suppliers
A holistic view enables the management of processes involving external parties by creating dedicated portals for customers, suppliers, and overall stakeholders of the company. Intesa facilitates secure sharing of documents and data, promoting an effective collaborative network.

3. Global Accessibility

The service is accessible from any internet-connected device, ensuring a seamless experience. Whether on the go or on a desktop, the platform offers the same operational efficiency, adapting to users’ dynamic needs.

4. Scalability and Continuous Enhancement

The solution can be enriched with complementary features. Integration of additional services offered by Intesa, such as electronic signatures, electronic invoicing, compliant archiving, and more.

Why Choose Intesa Document Management?

Intesa stands out as the ideal partner to simplify document management for businesses of all sizes throughout Italy.

Experience and Continuous Updates

With over 35 years of experience in document digitization, we guarantee a well-established expertise in the field. We stay consistently updated on Italian and international regulations, ensuring compliance with the latest legislative developments.

Adaptable and Integrated Solution

Our solution is designed to meet the needs of large enterprises managing substantial document volumes. It seamlessly integrates with existing business systems, ensuring a harmonious and efficient workflow.

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