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The Qualified Electronic Seal is a crucial element for corporate document management. Discover the advantages and procedures for effectively using Intesa’s Electronic Seal.


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Context and importance

Document management goes beyond mere preservation; it is essential to ensure the protection and integrity of documents.

In this context, the role of the electronic seal emerges as an underestimated but significantly impactful element in digital document management. To fully leverage its advantages, understanding its operation and identifying optimal situations for implementation is crucial.

The electronic seal represents not only a step in preservation but an effective means to ensure the security, authenticity, and immutability of digital documents.

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settori EDI

How the electronic seal works

The distinctive features of the Qualified Electronic Seal make it a versatile tool suitable for various purposes, including demonstrating “ownership” of corporate documents, protecting creative works, and authenticating digital assets.

This flexibility makes it a versatile tool for various purposes, such as:

1. Demonstrating the "origin" of documents

The electronic seal can be applied to various corporate assets such as price lists, projects, scans, etc.

2. Protecting creative works

The electronic seal can be applied to any type of electronic document, including images, videos, audio, drawings, photographs, etc.

3. Authenticating corporate digital assets

The electronic seal is useful for authenticating and protecting software and digital assets.

4. Registration on the European EPREL portal

The electronic seal is essential for the registration of companies producing appliances on the European EPREL portal to download energy labels.

Characteristics of the Electronic Seal

The Qualified Electronic Seal is defined by the eIDAS regulation as a set of electronic data aimed at ensuring the origin and integrity of documents. In practical terms, it is comparable to an electronic signature (advanced or qualified) attributed to a legal entity. It is classified into two categories

Advanced Electronic Seal (AdESeal)

  • Linked exclusively to the creator of the seal.

  • Capable of identifying the seal creator.

  • Created using specific data, enabling secure use for electronic seal creation.

  • Linked to reference data, allowing the identification of each subsequent modification.

Qualified Electronic Seal (QeSeal)

  • Comprises an advanced electronic seal.

  • Created through a dedicated device based on a qualified certificate for electronic seals.

  • Must meet detailed requirements outlined in Annex III of the eIDAS Regulation.

Benefits of Electronic Seal

Documentary Authenticity

Ensures the authenticity and ownership of digital documents, serving as an electronic signature.

Efficiency and Security

Represents an advanced digital version of the traditional stamp, making the certification process more efficient and secure.

Regulatory Compliance

Complies with eIDAS regulations, ensuring high standards of security and legal validity.

Facilitates Business Processes

Simplifies and optimizes business processes related to the management of digital documents.

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How to obtain the electronic seal with Intesa

To obtain an electronic seal, it is essential to approach an authorized eIDAS Certification Authority capable of issuing such seals. Typically, providers of digital signatures also offer qualified electronic seals, but this is not guaranteed in every case. Therefore, it is advisable to seek the support of a trusted service provider, whether public or private, recognized by AgID.

At Intesa, we are a Qualified Trust Service Provider eIDAS, and we can provide compliant trust services, including the Qualified Electronic Seal. It is important to emphasize that the choice of a trust service provider is crucial to ensuring the compliance and reliability of the electronic seal.

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