Digital Transaction Management (DTM)

Efficient and secure management of processes and documents
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Digital Transaction Management (DTM) solutions

Intesa is a Trust Service Provider that offers Digital Transaction Management (DTM) solutions with which it is possible to rationalize and dematerialize critical business processes.
From a single platform it is possible to automate, manage and maintain transactional and documental flows, guaranteeing their legal validity with the electronic signature.
It is thus possible to manage the entire document lifecycle in a secure manner, optimize process efficiency and improve the customer experience.

Process Digitization

The dematerialized management of documents and business processes makes it possible to reduce manual operations


The adoption of documents and data, including those coming from other systems, makes it possible to automate processes and reduce errors


The possibility of using Intesa’s DTM solutions at any time and on any device connected to the Internet increases its effectiveness

You can prepare, sign, manage and archive documents

Everything becomes easy and time-saving: content creation, digital signature, management, verification and transfer of certified documents, legal archiving of the transaction

The Intesa DTM solution is simple and real-time

Over 100 digitizable processes, in all the main corporate departments

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It guarantees companies considerable advantages

Increase in revenue and profit
Reduction of transactional costs
Streamlining of procedures and connections between systems
Data security

It allows you to respond better to end users

Improve the user experience
Manage operations on all devices
Strengthen regulatory control and compliance

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