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Dematerialization of business documents

The Document Management and Business Process Management solutions proposed by Intesa allows information to be collected, rationalized and linked to optimize business operations.
By defining customer-specific workflows it is possible to activate the dematerialization of business documents: we digitize practices and processes, to manage the entire document cycle and create an organized model of digital information.

The Intesa Qualified Electronic Seal

Intesa is part of the European list of Trust Service Providers enabled to issue qualified certificates for the electronic seal (eSeal) in the name of legal entities and normed by the European eIDAS regulation on digital identity.
The qualified eSeal can be interpreted as a qualified electronic signature, but registered to the company or organization. A document or other content sealed with an eSeal certifies, in a strong and normatively relevant way, the source and content of what has been signed.
Process optimization and information
We optimize the management of processes and corporate information assets by collecting, cataloging and correlating information, documents and digitized data.
The platform becomes the corporate information center, with the integration of information systems and the most common company applications.
Operational efficiency
The platform can be used for any document, context and business sector: it controls company processes and allows the management of different activities.
The solution can be applied to any document, context and product sector.
Following a process analysis, the platform is implemented in relation to the customer’s needs.
The solution can be enriched with additional features. Other services offered by Intesa can be integrated such as electronic signature, electronic invoicing, legal archiving, etc.

Flexible methodology

By adopting a Content Management and Business Process Management strategy it is possible to provide a solution to dematerialize and digitize the internal and external processes of the company.
Following the analysis of the processes, the revision of the existing approval flows and the identification of any critical issues, you will receive the most appropriate solution.
Service delivery
SaaS o On Premise
The solution can be delivered in SaaS mode, entrusting Intesa with infrastructure and application management, or it can be installed and managed independently by the customer.
Integration with customers / suppliers
A broader vision allows you to manage processes that also involve external counterparts through the creation of portals for customers / suppliers.
Intesa enables the sharing of documents with subjects outside the company to create a secure collaborative network.
Accessible anywhere
The service is accessible from any device connected to the Internet.
It offers the possibility of operating both mobile and desktop with the same efficiency.

Request information

Use cases

Management of authorization processes of the payable cycle
Management of the purchase request and order, reconciliation with the invoice
Order management by NSO
Employee file management and training
Quality process management
Management of documents related to transport
Approval of purchase orders, offer requests, intercompany orders, etc.
Quality department
Non-conformity, quality manual etc.
Technical departments
Process for requesting modifications, document versions, etc.
Order confirmation shipping flow, payment reminders etc.
Human Resources
Recruitment process, certifications, course schedule, employee files
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