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Intesa and Kaleyra Partner to Offer a unique “Omnichannel Sales Assistance Platform”

18 January 2023

The partnership will allow both companies to deliver digitally-enhanced services all along the customer journey, from awareness to conversion and even post-sale.

Intesa, a Kyndryl Company, a trust service provider focused on digital solution design and delivery for enabling digital evolution of business processes, and Kaleyra SpA, an international cloud communications software provider delivering connectivity solutions in the API/Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) market, have announced a new strategic partnership to support clients in optimizing their customer experience touchpoints.

Intesa and Kaleyra have joined forces to provide a service platform that will support digital customer engagement from the very beginning of the journey, the “awareness” phase, to customer onboarding, and even digital signatures.

The partnership combines Kaleyra’s conversational platform technology and Intesa’s transactional platforms and certified trust solutions to create the “Omnichannel Sales Assistance Platform”. This enhanced platform allows customers to manage an omnichannel customer journey in which the user can connect through various channels, such as chatbots based on Artificial Intelligence, and activate a live conversation with an operator (via chat or video) when dealing with complex touchpoints such as customer onboarding, ID verification or document signing.

Together the companies will offer an end-to-end omnichannel customer experience while offering sales support from the awareness phase to closure and beyond.

Kaleyra Video enables WebRTC technology to allow real time audio and video calling via browser or in-app using rest APIs and SDKs. Now customers will also be able to digitally sign documents while connected. Digital signatures will be managed through Intesa Digital Transaction Management solution which guides the users all the way through the entire process of e-signing and archiving documents, in a secure digital environment thanks to Intesa’s certifications.

The combination of technology and digitally-enabled “human” conversations make it possible to accompany the user from first touchpoint contact through identification and signing of contracts, always in full digital and omnichannel mode without interruption.

«Nowadays, full-digital customer journeys work well with simple or single-channel purchasing processes» said Giuseppe Mariani, General Manager of Intesa «but companies struggle to design and implement full-digital customer journeys when it comes to complex products or services, such as financial loans or energy & utilities account activation. We do believe that with this partnership Intesa and Kaleyra can help companies on getting to the next level of customer interaction and transaction processes, strongly increasing conversion rate and reducing onboarding costs.»

“Kaleyra is excited to collaborate with Intesa and enable businesses to offer a seamless digital and omnichannel experience for their users while enhancing human interaction and support,” said Kaleyra Chief Business Officer Mauro Carobene. “Kaleyra’s technology, when combined with Intesa’s solutions, will reform how end users fulfil their various needs digitally. They can connect with the business via AI-powered chatbots, talk to representatives in real time with voice and video calls, and even securely sign digital documents: a smooth, efficient and human-centric user journey, all from the comfort and convenience of their preferred devices.”

About Kaleyra

Kaleyra, Inc. (NYSE: KLR) (NYSE American: KLR WS) is a global group providing mobile communication services to financial institutions, e-commerce players, OTTs, software companies, logistic enablers, healthcare providers, retailers, and other large organizations worldwide.

Through its proprietary platform and robust APIs, Kaleyra manages multi-channel integrated communication services, consisting of messaging, rich messaging and instant messaging, video, push notifications, e-mail, voice services, and chatbots.

Kaleyra’s technology makes it possible to safely and securely manage billions of messages monthly with over 1600 operator connections in 190+ countries, including all tier-1 US carriers.

About Intesa, a Kyndryl Company

For over 35 years Intesa, a Kyndryl Company has been designing and developing SaaS services for business processes digitalisation. Intesa’s services and platforms meet each industry’s specific needs: from EDI to legal archiving, e-signature and e-invoicing. Intesa designs authentication processes and biometric identification as well, by using frontier technologies (AI and blockchain).

Intesa’s approach is based on people: by using design’s methodology (co-creation and design thinking) our innovation projects involve all the stakeholders from the very beginning, in order to point out all the pain points and improvement areas that may bring benefits inside and outside the company.

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