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IN2DAFNE: Innovation that Helps Patients

The project is born out of a concrete demand within the pharma supply chain to provide a hi-tech solution to tackle the problem of limited-supply and out-of-stock medicine.

InTrust Day 2020: Innovation is a Team Sport

InTrust Day 2020 took place on October 13th. Intesa’s annual event, dedicated to innovation and technology, proved to be quite multi-faceted, with plenty of inspiration and speakers representing a wide array of perspectives and markets.

The Tech-for-Humans Era

The lockdown has been a testbed for digitalization in Italy. It forced us to think about our relationship with technology, innovation, and one other. For a long-term solution to reopen the country, we need business models which places humans, sustai...

Smart Working. Working Smart

Smart working means being flexible, responsible, and making one's work results-oriented. Learn more about best practices, and how technology increase work productivity...

Open Innovation, a simple revolutionary idea

Open innovation is a revolutionary idea and, like most of them, has a very simple concept at its base: the more people and skills it gets, the higher the chance of getting something that you don't he would arrive...