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B2b e-Invoicing and PA

The e-invoicing service allows you to send and receive electronic invoices between companies, VAT accounts and with the Public Administration. Intesa’s solution adapts to the needs of small, medium and large enterprises, integrating with the management systems already in use.

The solution provides for the management and monitoring of the entire document cycle: from its issuance in XML format, to its transmission to the SdI (Interchange System), to its regulation-compliant storage to ensure its evidentiary value.

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We follow regulatory developments

Although electronic invoicing has been mandatory since 2019, from year to year legislators update the regulations, adapting the technical specifications of XML formats or adding new categories to the obligation, such as the abolition of the esterometer or as might happen with flat-rate schemes. Intesa, thanks to its expertise in legal and compliance, is always up to date on the news that may come: whenever the technical specifications are updated, we will take care of notifying you.

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International and European electronic invoicing

Following Italy’s example, other European countries are also gradually moving toward mandatory B2b e-invoicing: France, Belgium, Poland and Latvia, for example, have already confirmed that they will introduce the requirement between 2023 and 2025.
However, it is very likely that each country will adopt different standards and modalities.

Thanks to a partnership with Pagero, a global smart business network, Intesa ensures proper interoperability of invoicing at the international level as well: Intesa receives e-invoices from its customers and transfers them to Pagero, which will convert the digital documents into the most appropriate format for each country’s digital infrastructure.

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