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Mundys, electronic signature increases productivity

27 November 2023

Intesa’s role in ‘Atlantia Reloaded”

The electronic signature is a technology that has been regulated since 2015 and is now fortunately widespread. Its advantages are varied, but can be expanded and multiplied if it is embedded within larger projects and in a strategic manner. An example of this is ‘Atlantia Reloaded’, the digital transformation project of Mundys, an international holding company that promotes innovation and digitalisation in infrastructure management with substantial investments in the motorway, airport and mobility services sectors. 

Started in 2020 and almost completed, the project has involved more than 30 business areas and internal processes, with the ambitious goal of renewing the company’s application fleet, simplifying processes and making technology available to everyone. As part of this extensive digital transformation process, Mundys chose Intesa for the digitisation of company documentation and related approval steps.

The development of the solution was preceded by a regulatory and process mapping and analysis phase, conducted by a joint team, which led Mundys to introduce a digital transaction management, EDF, FEA and FEQ platform to be used in the various processes: HR, purchasing, finance, risk and tax documents, evaluating for each individual process the type of signature to be used. However, digitising document flows also means taking into account how these documents are exchanged and stored. For this reason, Intesa’s solution also included a service to track the activities of individual users on PECs and a system for the regulation-compliant storage of all documents: an aspect whose advantages were evident above all in the speed of retrieval, while still paying attention to the segregation of the individual divisions.

The concrete results came in a short time, especially on productivity.

“Since we started up, in the last 10 months, we have signed more than 5,000 documents, and 70 per cent of them were digitally signed within 24 hours,” Angelo Spalluto, CIO of Mundys, told Digital4 in an interview. “This gives a huge advantage both from a productivity point of view – if you think that previously you had to wait days or even weeks before getting signatures on documents – and for sustainability issues (5,000 printed documents certainly produce a considerable waste of resources).

The benefits, therefore, materialised immediately, thanks in part to the use of the Agile methodology, which involves dividing the project into ‘incremental releases’, involving users and core businesses in each release. Each release thus made it possible to minimise risk and positively influence the areas involved, creating enthusiasm. Contrary to the usual practice, in Atlantia Reloaded it was not the IT department that pushed for change, but the individual areas that demanded it.

«Intesa was a fundamental partner because it shared with us not only the challenge of the technological aspect, but also brought added value from a functional point of view», continues Spalluto. «We within our team did not have certain skills and information, especially related to the world of regulation-compliant storage or digital signatures. Intesa supported us not only on the technological aspect but also on the regulatory aspect»..


* Digital4, Atlantia Reloaded: il progetto di innovazione che democratizza l’IT e valorizza il tempo delle persone

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