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Selftrust offers solutions to SMEs and professionals: digital signature and signature workflow, time stamp, electronic invoicing, storage in accordance with regulations, order management to and from NSO and Certified Electronic email. These and other solutions allow companies and professionals to digitize its processes in a simple way and to professional firms to offer innovative services to their clients.

What’s Selftrust


Selftrust is a multi-service platform designed with small-to-midsize businesses and independent professionals in mind. With Selftrust, you can easily manage electronic signatures, e-billing, and timestamping. Selftrust services can be purchased individually.

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Digital Evolution, go digital in small steps

Digitization is a path that can be difficult if it is not developed with the right approach and with the appropriate tools. Often the objectives are clear (more efficiency / less costs) but it is difficult to choose which innovative and technological tools to adopt.

Selftrust offers the possibility to proceed one step at a time, with the simplicity of purchase and activation of the numerous digital services made available. The company digitization takes place progressively and simply.


A single digital platform to transform various business processes into simplicity.


It adapts to the context and grows according to the needs of your company.


Real-time statistics to monitor and govern data and processes.

Selftrust services are available for online purchase

A fully compliant Qualified Electronic Signature service. E-signatures may be purchased in bulk, with the option to purchase additional packages as needed.

The functionality of the Qualified Electronic Signature service with the convenience of a customisable signature workflow. With Selftrust FirmaPiù, work collaboratively with multiple signatories in a single environment, and keep tabs on the signing process.

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This service allows for the issuance, receipt, and retention (on a ten-year basis, in accordance with the law) of electronic invoicing, including for transactions with entities of the Public Administration. Selftrust Fattura is easy to use, and legally compliant.

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This service allows for customers to time-stamp their documents for purposes of certification or other legalities. These may be purchased in bulk quantities featuring a single time-stamp, with the option to purchase additional packages as needed.

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