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Intesa, a Kyndryl Company – the first authorised to issue Level 2 CIEs

15 June 2023

The authorisation will further simplify the user experience for Intesa customers

Turin, 30 May 2023 – Intesa, a Kyndryl Group company with 35 years’ operating experience in digital transformation and a leading provider of qualified trust services in Italy and across Europe, has now been authorised by the Ministry of the Interior and the State Polygraphic Institute to use digital identity cards (CIEs) with level 2 security in its identification services and for issuing qualified digital signature certificates.

As a CIE service provider, Intesa been authorised to offer digital signature access as part of its services since April 2022, when CIE was only available with Level 3 security, requiring a physical ID card for NFC. The addition of Level 2 security (equating to Level of Assurance 2 – Substantial), established by Ministerial Decree on 8 September 2023 (Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Innovation, Technology and Digital Transformation and Ministry of Economy and Finance), therefore represents a considerable improvement in the digital signature user experience and brings it in line with that of SPID (Italy’s public digital ID system), requiring username, password and OTP but retaining the robust security of the issue-and-activate process of a digital signature.

Intesa has obtained the authority to include Level 2 digital signatures in its services within months of the decree. It is one of the first private companies to offer CIEs and is ahead of any public administration departments, endorsing Intesa’s continuing commitment and investment in digital identities for trust services. Digital signatures for identification and authentication purposes are already available through Intesa’s services, and this new authorisation means users will benefit from further simplification.

“In May 2023 already, around one million more CIEs have been issued than SPIDs,” says Matteo Panfilo, Chief Solution Officer at Intesa. “SPID is still used by most people, but because the September 2022 decree has made it so easy to use, and because it’s already been implemented by the Ministry of the Interior and the Polygraphic Institute, there’s no doubt that there will be a significant increase in the use of CIEs, not just in terms of dissemination but also the frequency of usage. This new authorisation means we can offer advanced identification solutions in line with current regulations, and above all offer users the best processes in terms of user experience with no compromise on security.”

“Digital identities are obviously undergoing a revolution in Italy and across Europe,” says Giuseppe Mariani, General Manager at Intesa. “It’s not just about anticipating the material effects that the revolution will have on the way people use their digital identity; we believe it’s our duty, as a company and as a B Corp, to provide increasingly simple, enjoyable experiences and contribute to the dissemination of these innovative tools.”

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About Intesa, a Kyndryl Company

For over 35 years Intesa, a Kyndryl Company has been designing and developing SaaS services for business processes digitalisation. Intesa’s services and platforms meet each industry’s specific needs: from EDI to legal archiving, e-signature and e-invoicing. Intesa designs authentication processes and biometric identification as well, by using frontier technologies (AI and blockchain).

Intesa’s approach is based on people: by using design’s methodology (co-creation and design thinking) our innovation projects involve all the stakeholders from the very beginning, in order to point out all the pain points and improvement areas that may bring benefits inside and outside the company.

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