Coronavirus: Intesa (IBM Group) Solutions

Managing customer relationships, document processing, and the Supply Chain under COVID-19

Digital services: a nimble response to the Coronavirus

By implementing digital solutions in the wake of the COVID-19 emergency, we can launch remote-business operations, making it possible to manage client and supplier relations effectively:

  Digital Onboarding

  User identification and authentication

  Electronic and digital signatures

  Document Management System Digital Transaction Management

  Supply Chain Management


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Thermal Cameras and face matching to control access

Installing Thermal Cameras equipped with Artificial Intelligence allows us to take a person’s body temperature at a safe distance. This is an intelligent solution allowing for individual recognition, whilst ruling out any other heat source. Data processed in real time allows us to activate warning systems thanks to Intelligent face matching, thermal-temperature measurement, and Big Data Analysis.


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Tracking data in real time
Zero contact
Automation of temperature scans and biometric data retrieval
Minimum temperature variance
Customer Experience
Quick and efficient identification process

Support Business with Intesa’s Digital Platform

Intesa offers a unique Digital Platform. This open platform, made up of a wide array of “core” services, contains micro services for the digitalisation of an infinite number of business processes.

Companies can take advantage of these services via API or through a user interface provided by Intesa.


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Different markets, one objective: go digital
Optimising and streamlining the process to purchase and hire cars, creating digital processes supported by electronic signature. Optimising the Supply Chain.
Energy & Utilities
Managing client relations using electronic signature, and by automatic document flows with Digital Transaction Management.
Financial Services
Managing the onboarding, identification, and document-signing phases through Self Recognition, Digital Transaction Management, and electronic-signature systems.
Organising warehouses, tracking shipments, and streamlining supplier interactions through the use of digital document flows.
Production scheduling, and Supply Chain process management using B2B solutions supported by AI, blockchain, and IoT technologies.
Managing and simplifying information and document flows within the healthcare ecosystem by digitalising documents and processes.
Managing e-commerce platforms by integrating digital solutions at all phases from purchasing to sales.
Redefining customer relations in order to improve Customer Experience using onboarding and smart-interaction digital services.
Guidelines for a digital and agile company
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