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Intesa (IBM Group) secures AgID accreditation as a service provider

22 June 2021

In addition to providing the SPID digital identity, Intesa can now create even simpler identification and signature processes

Turin, 8 June 2021 – Intesa, an IBM Group company, which for over thirty years has provided support to its customers in digitising company processes, has secured AgID accreditation as a service provider. The company, accredited since March of 2017 as an AgID identity provider, can now not only issue SPID identities, but also provide, to its 21 million users, its own services through using SPID-based identification procedures, offering the best customer experience possible to allow for identification that meets legal standards.

The announcement comes on the heels of InTrust Day 2021, an annual event for the company, the second session of which will be dedicated to the topics of SPID and digital identity. Intesa has for some time, in fact, handled remote recognition and digital identification, offering business solutions for digital and self-onboarding, and contributing in a tangible way to the study and evolution of correlated digital services: Intesa is a proud partner of the Digital Identity Observatory at the Milan Polytechnic, and a leader of the O-KYC project, along with eTIF Advisory and in collaboration with the public authorities, Cherry Chain, and IBM.

Giuseppe Mariani, General Manager at Intesa, provided more details on the significance of this milestone: “With this latest leap forward, Intesa renews its commitment to being a beacon for innovation in digital ID, and a trusted partner for those wishing to get the most benefit out of SPID, with its ability to streamline advanced business processes. One of the challenges for technological innovation, and the digital transformation in the coming months will be just that: simplifying access to digital services. This innovation is sure to have a positive impact, from closing major gaps to paving the way for a more equitable and inclusive society”.

For Intesa, certification as a service provider means adding even greater value to customers’ experience with these solutions. With nearly 21 million digital identities already active, Intesa is will be able to create legally compliant recognition and onboarding procedures, integrating other pertinent information to allow for unambiguous recognition of the user, for purposes including Know Your Customer procedures.

Today, the concepts of ‘customer experience” and “remote relationship” take on greater meaning, and wider application. Accreditation as a service provider is a further step towards enhancing the SPID system: adding to the data shared through SPID, supplementing them with additional information, and raising awareness of the utility offered by these systems, will be the start of the path towards digital identity reaching its full potential in Italy, and across Europe.

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