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InTrust Day 2020: Innovation is a Team Sport

29 October 2020

The annual Intesa (IBM Group) event brings together business leaders to share their experiences and their expertise

InTrust Day 2020 took place on October 13th. Intesa’s annual event, dedicated to innovation and technology, proved to be quite multi-faceted, with plenty of food for thought, inspiration, and speakers representing a wide array of perspectives and markets.

We have already shared some of the statistics from this year’s event: 20 guest speakers, 10 business experts from Intesa and IBM, the underwriting sponsor for the event, and 16 businesses taking part in four sessions featuring speakers, roundtables, and talk-back sessions. There were approximately 1000 virtual participants. InTrust Day 2020 brought together a diversified audience and speaker panel, with professionals from the digital sphere, along with senior executives from a host of different sectors, proving that innovation is a common objective, and not just a driver for those in the technology sector.

First Session: Today’s History, Tomorrow’s Market

We concentrated on issues trending in the market, the economy platform, and business design, with remarks by Paolo Magri of ISPI (International Political Science Institute), Adriano Gerardelli of PwC, and Pietro Lanza and Matteo Panfilo from Intesa. The talk-back sessions, moderated by Manuela Gianni, director of Digital4Executive, featured Pietro Lanza, Diego Rossi of BPER Banca and Andrea Rangone of Digital360 Group. The topic of discussion was the various approaches taken by their respective organisations to adapt to an increasingly fluid and inclusive market.

Second Session: Why Opt for a Smart Supply Chain?

As scheduled, the second session allowed us to tackle issues relating to supply chains, one of the areas hardest-hit by the pandemic. The session opened with remarks by Ludovica Scarfì, AI Applications Sales Manager for IBM Sterling, who spoke about how the increasingly interconnected supply chain has rendered predictive analyses based on historical data obsolete. Luigi Traverso, Head of Supply Chain Solutions for Intesa, went on to illustrate how AI and Blockchain can raise the visibility of, as well as reliability along, the supply chain.

On the heels of these two events was a roundtable moderated by Flavia Lancioni, Head of Sales Large Accounts for Intesa, featuring Mariagiovanna di Feo with Bain & Company, Daniele Marazzi of Consorzio DAFNE, Alessandro De Martino from Continental, Gaetano Cifaldi di Marelli and Lorenzo Didoné of Gruppo Veronesi, who explained which technological innovations were the most useful in their respective industries, and which would be most urgently needed in the near future.

Third Session: The Complex Issue of Digital Identity

Valeria Portale, Director of the Digital Identity Observatory and the Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Observatory for the Milan Polytechnic, and Imanuel Baharier, General Manager of CeTIF Advisory, provided an overview of digital identities in Italy, describing both currently available and cutting-edge technologies. Delving further into this topic were Franco Tafini, Head of CA & DTM Solutions and Marco Broggio, Chief Innovation Officer with Intesa.

Attending the following roundtable, moderated by Giuseppe Mariani, Chief Operating Officer with Intesa, were Luigi Macchiola, General Manager of Assilea, Matteo Concas, Head of Global Financial Solutions at EnelX, Laura Scasso, Digital Manager of FCA Bank and Vanessa Fortarezza, Regional Vice President of Salesforce. The last session sparked a debate among participants on evolving customer demand with respect to online services, and how to balance the demand for an increasingly streamlined and intuitive user experience with the need for personal-data security.

Fourth Session: Corporate Responsibility

The fourth and final session of the day allowed us to touch on an issue near and dear to Intesa’s heart: sustainable and ethical innovation. Pietro Lanza from Intesa and Paolo di Cesare, co-founder of Nativa, discussed issues of corporate social responsibility, and the environmental and social impact of companies. Only by appreciating the magnitude of this impact, in fact, can one hope to find a concrete answer to the pressing issues of our century.

Couldn’t make the event? No problem – watch the full recording through InTrust Day On Demand.

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